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How to Get Fiverr Reviews and How They Can Help You Get Orders Quickly On Fiverr

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To get orders on Fiverr, you need to get Fiverr reviews as soon as possible to your gigs! 

As we all know, Fiverr buyers prefer to order gigs from sellers with great fiverr reviews on their gigs. Even if you have posted great or  excellent Fiverr Gigs, you will still not get orders soon enough. The main reasons are :

1. People find it difficult to trust your Gigs.

 2. They are expecting to see good positive reviews posted by other buyers who have used your service/product. Buyers do not want to risk their money trusting someone they do not know or whose services have never been tried!

Do not be upset if this happens to you. I know that for you to make good money on Fiverr, you need to make sales on regular basis. Once you get a few fiverr reviews, your gig will be ranked much higher on the Fiverr search engine and the sales will start to come!

These are ways in which you can get reviews easily:

Make your gig slightly different

This slight difference will make your gig stand out from the thousands of gigs in the same category as yours that don’t do well.

5 Fiverr Tips To Make Your Gig Stand Out

When posting your gig on fiverr, remember that you are competing against every seller selling the same or very similar stuff, sellers who already have great Fiverr reviews. You need to make your gig stand out to attract potential buyers. The key to making money on Fiverr is make your gig stand out. Below are 5 tips to help you make your Fiverr gig stand out of the crowd:

1. Videos help entice potential buyers: Videos help to introduce and improve the validity of your offer and they ensure your potential buyers of the quality of your product or service. Videos also help to distinguish your offer from the tons of similar offers. If you cannot make a video, you can order one on Fiverr for just $5!

2. Use a great title. The title is the first thing that attract your potential customers because it is the first thing they see. Make it concise but state the most essential points. It should also contain at least one or two of the tags(key words) you intend to use for your ad.

3. I strongly recommend you use a customized picture. Doing this gives sellers an insight to your abilities. A picture they say is worth a thousand words. On Fiverr, this is really true! It often helps to get more attention of your potential buyers initially than the description. Merely going to download a picture from Google images is not advised since your picture must have been used by other people.

4. Write an enticing description This is absolutely necessary for convincing your buyer to buy your product or service. The description will be read by those who have developed enough interest in your title and gig picture, so they want to find out more about your gig. So use the description to finalize the sale and secure an order of your gig.

5. Seek for reviews As already explained above, reviews make your gig stand out from the crowd, especially the crowd of new gigs. 2 to 5 awesome Fiverr reviews will leave the viewer almost unable to avoid ordering your enticing gig! I discuss how to get reviews in this ebook, even if you are a new Fiverr seller!

To learn more about how to get Fiverr reviews and how to increase your earnings on Fiverr you can also get our Best Fiverr Traner 2016 ebook. This is an easy-to-read step by step my training course that explains with pictures how to be come a Fiverr super seller for free. Please click here to learn more about it and see proofs of our earnings!

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